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When does trade coffee funding end?

July 18, 2021 Comments Off on When does trade coffee funding end? By admin

Trade coffee funding can end at any time, the Trade Development Board has warned.

Its president, Tony Puharich, said the decision to end the funding could have a big impact on the industry, but was made based on research.

“There are many reasons why this is a difficult decision to make,” he said.

Puhariche said the funding was a “significant investment in our country and its economy”.

“Trade coffee is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, it is the fastest-growing source of funding in the country, and our coffee producers are well-placed to benefit from the support provided through this funding.”

The move follows a review of trade coffee aid funding by the Trade Council.

The review found the support was being provided “at the expense of our trade partners, including the many coffee farmers who are currently suffering from the impact of the trade crisis”.

The report found that the funds could be spent on coffee plants and other investments to grow and produce more coffee.

Trade Development Board chief executive, Michael Poharich said the organisation would continue to invest in the coffee sector.

“Trade funds are not for investment.

They are for supporting trade partners,” he told ABC Radio National.”

We will continue to provide support to the sector and provide the assistance that our industry needs.”


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