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‘Cannabis is our drug’: Police to use force if suspects’ plants grow

August 19, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Cannabis is our drug’: Police to use force if suspects’ plants grow By admin

Police are preparing for a potentially deadly scenario: a cannabis grow house in their district.

Cops will be using deadly force if they find a grow house, where marijuana plants are growing illegally, and officers are trying to track down a man who was arrested earlier this month.

A police report obtained by CBS News details how the officers will deploy force to prevent illegal grow houses from taking over a small town in New Jersey.

The report was prepared for the New Jersey State Police Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Calls to the drug task force’s New Jersey headquarters were not returned.

Police in the tiny town of Hagerstown, New Jersey, said officers were called to investigate a suspected illegal grow house at about 11 p.m. on March 22.

The police report says that when officers arrived, they found two men who had fled the property.

They said one man was holding a small container of marijuana in his left hand, and the other had a large baggie with a large number of plants in his right hand.

Officers searched the men’s vehicle, but the officers did not find any drugs on them.

The report says the officers then contacted the Hagerstons police, who took the men into custody.

The officers were later interviewed by police in New York, but no arrests were made.

The officers say they were told the grow house was in a private area and did not require a warrant.

The New Jersey police task force was notified of the arrests, but did not immediately report the case to prosecutors, according to the report.

The Hagersts police report said officers used a taser on the man who held the container and then placed him in handcuffs.

The man was later charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, the report said.

A search of the man’s car turned up two containers of marijuana.

The officer who used the taser was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Police officers in Hagersburg said the men were arrested for the marijuana, which had been seized from a home in a neighboring town, according of the report obtained on Tuesday by CBS.


Why is coffee so good for you?

July 24, 2021 Comments Off on Why is coffee so good for you? By admin

The coffee trade is an incredibly lucrative industry.

It generates millions of dollars for the coffee industry in Australia and across the world.

It has also brought much happiness to people’s lives.

But for all its economic power, one area in which coffee has struggled to gain traction is in the health and wellbeing arena.

The Australian Medical Association has called for coffee to be regulated, but it’s unlikely to be easy to achieve.

There are no official health regulations around coffee.

In Australia, the only official source of coffee is from the US, which is why it’s been one of the most popular drink in the country.

However, there are plenty of different factors that contribute to coffee’s popularity in Australia.

It’s rich in flavour, with strong flavours of coffee beans, coffee beans and the bitter components of coffee.

It’s also a popular beverage in Australia because it’s a cheap, convenient drink.

When it comes to health, coffee has a lot to offer.

Coffee can help you stay active, stay fit and lose weight.

While it may be the most commonly consumed drink in Australia, it is also the one that’s the most expensive.

It is also a cheap drink when compared to the cost of other health benefits, such as weight loss, cholesterol lowering and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

So how much does coffee cost in Australia?

The cost of coffee varies by market, so you can’t necessarily compare apples to apples.

The most expensive coffee is found in Sydney, with a daily average cost of $10.30.

But this is only a rough guide, as coffee costs vary widely depending on the region you live in.

In Melbourne, coffee is the most costly.

A cup of coffee costs around $4.40, with the average daily cost of a cup of tea being $2.80.

In Sydney, coffee costs $3.70 and a cup is $1.90.

The cheapest coffee is typically in Perth, with $0.40 a cup.

A coffee can cost anywhere between $3 to $11 a day.

For those looking to avoid coffee, there’s a whole range of alternatives available, including:Coffe has been a drink of choice for generations in Australia for its high quality and affordability.

It can help boost blood pressure, help to fight infections and prevent diabetes.

But coffee’s health benefits are often overshadowed by its health risks.

The health benefits of coffee are well documented, but the health risks are much greater.

People are often told to drink more coffee, and to limit their coffee intake to 1,200 millilitres a day to protect themselves from colon cancer and obesity.

There’s also been research showing that drinking coffee increases the risk for some cancers, including prostate, breast and lung cancers.

The risk of developing cancers from coffee is thought to be about 2-3 times higher than the risk from alcohol.

Coffeemakers are being prosecuted for breaking laws related to coffee-related drugs, including cocaine and methamphetamine.

Cocaine is considered to be a “legal stimulant” which has a high potential for abuse and can lead to addiction.

Coke has also been linked to an increased risk of schizophrenia, psychosis and other mental health problems.

In some countries, such a high rate of consumption is considered a sign of a person’s mental health issues.

This means that coffee can be viewed as a drug, and it is therefore more likely to be sold in regulated markets, like bars and clubs, and may be taxed.

Coca ColaCoalition of Australian Governments (CAG) is lobbying the federal government to introduce a new drug law to protect the health of Australians, and will be pushing for a nationwide ban on the sale and consumption of caffeine-containing products.

It will also be lobbying for more strict penalties for those found to be in breach of the law.

It was a decision that was influenced by the evidence gathered by the Federal Government, and a lack of clarity around the legal framework surrounding the use of coffee in Australia has contributed to its defeat.

What do you think about coffee?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

Read moreCoca-Cola, the global beverage company that owns Coachella, has been lobbying for a new national policy to regulate the sale of coffee, as well as other caffeinated drinks.

The proposed legislation, if passed, would make it illegal for a coffee shop or cafe to sell or serve any caffeinated drink on their premises.

The Coalition will also consider introducing the introduction of a ban on all caffeinated products, which would mean that anyone could only consume up to 2,000 millilitre (mL) of coffee per day.

Caffeine-free beverages are also not yet legal in the US.

However it’s hoped that the Coalition’s policy will be adopted by the states.

It has been suggested that banning the sale or consumption of caffeinated beverages in the state could be considered

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How to get the best coffee in Fair Trade: What you need to know

June 21, 2021 Comments Off on How to get the best coffee in Fair Trade: What you need to know By admin

Fair Trade coffee is a new coffee trade format that was originally introduced in Australia in 2011.

It aims to eliminate the need for third-party processing and packaging by using the same coffee beans from farmers in Fair Australia and Fair Trade Coffee Australia.

Fair Trade coffee was first rolled out in 2015 and is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s not only about coffee but about coffee culture and culture-building.

The Fair Trade movement started in the United States and is slowly gaining momentum across the world.

The first Starbucks coffee was brewed in Fair trade in 2015.

You can see the fair trade logo on the cup.

Fair trade coffee is more than just the cup, it’s about a culture of fair trade in all its forms, said Laura Cunha, coffee trader with the Fair Trade Co-operative.

It is a shift in coffee culture in Australia that’s changing everything, said Cunhah.

This movement has been on a really positive trajectory over the last 10 years, she said.

It started with a coffee company that was very much on the cutting edge of the fair coffee movement.

The coffee company became so much more than a coffee shop, it was a place where people could learn about fair trade, learn about coffee and grow their own coffee.

Coffee is not a commodity, Cunah said.

Fair trade coffee takes a little bit of time to build.

It starts with a small group of people that start to work together to bring about a positive change.

Cafe workers are not just there to make coffee, but they are also part of the community, she added.

They are the people who help the people of Fair Trade, she explained.

We all want to be part of that.

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