Irish coffee traders discuss coffee futures market value

Irish coffee traders discuss coffee futures market value

August 11, 2021 Comments Off on Irish coffee traders discuss coffee futures market value By admin

A group of Irish coffee brokers have issued an ultimatum to traders in the $1.2 billion coffee trade, warning that it could be in danger of crashing.

The coffee market is a key driver of Ireland’s economy and the country’s financial woes, but traders are worried that a sudden drop in prices could trigger a wave of price volatility.

The coffee traders’ demand for coffee futures has led to a $100m crash in the value of coffee traded on the European market, with traders calling for the futures market to be sold.

The demand has seen the price of coffee fall by over half, with futures trading now worth only about $1,600, and it has led traders to believe that the trade could collapse.

It has been a bad year for coffee traders.

Last year, they lost $3.6bn in futures, and the latest loss is expected to be even worse.

The trade is currently trading at about $8,000, and a drop of $4,000 could put the futures trader’s business at risk.

In a statement to The Irish Independent, the Irish Coffee Brokers Association (ICBA) said it was in the process of advising trading partners to sell their futures contracts.

“We are aware of the recent sharp price drop in the coffee trade and are working with our trading partners and partners in the futures markets to understand the implications of the latest decline in the market price,” it said.

The statement continued: “We believe that if coffee futures were sold, the current level of volatility in the price could potentially lead to an even greater loss to our trading members and potentially cause a collapse in the trading market.

A loss of $10,000 to $20,000 in trade would potentially have a significant impact on our trading operations and on our clients.”

The statement added that if the trade was not sold, it could have an adverse impact on other markets in the Irish market, including the UK.

The Irish Coffee Trade Association has called for the Irish coffee market to close.”

We are also working closely with the European Commission and other international trading partners on this issue.”

The Irish Coffee Trade Association has called for the Irish coffee market to close.

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